How to start working with Daoflowers

How to start working with Daoflowers? How to place the first order?
What is the minimum purchase order quantity to start working? What types of flowers may compose the minimum order?
How to get Daoflowers price list for flower products that we offer to clients?
Flowers pack rates (box filling) and statistics
Orders that we may not accept.
Claims policy
Pricing policy.
Flower products quality control. How it works?
Information about the current quality of products (feedback).
Who may become a Daoflowers Customer?
Current orders coordination. Policy of flowers purchase.
Orders schedule and day to day communication with customers and farms.
May the Customer create any label for his boxes and adapt it for his future orders?
Is it possible to buy flowers without pre-orders?
Pre-holiday orders.
Purchase of flowers which are ordered with stop-prices.
Sale of flowers on pre-orders.
What is pre-cooling and what is handling? Is handling and pre-cooling value included in the flowers price?
What the definitions "master client" and "sub-master", or “sub-client” stand for? What are the capabilities of master clients?
Is it possible to obtain temporary access to review and test our online purchase platform on Daoflowers website?
If the customer can get weekly volume at regular prices for holiday shipments, for example, for St. Valentine’s Day and other periods of high demand?
Options to manage St.Valentine’s Day and other holiday orders in periods of high demand. Сhoosing the dates for holiday shipments
Purchase by bunches - features and peculiarities
Approaches to composing mix boxes. Peculiarities of regular work with mix boxes
Difficulties and possible problems with orders from new customers during holiday periods
Flowers Purchase Discounts
What is necessary for European company to organize the supply of imported flowers from Daoflowers
Examples of orders that can not be completed. What corrections need to be agreed before the flowers purchase
Can I expect the guaranteed fulfillment of the position that the farm has confirmed on the Trading Platform – Online Offers?
Air freight and cost of handling in Daoflowers invoices
For Flower Growers (Farms) - How to start cooperation with Daoflowers
How to proceed in case of receiving flower boxes with mechanical damages?
Long stem rose 120cm +: procurement features
Why there are several different prices for the same variety, grade and farm in my invoice?
Will my holiday flower orders arrive on a specified day?
What is personal standard order? How to set it up with the farm?
What is the most convenient way to start working with orders on the web, if previous orders were sent traditional way via e-mail?
Roses cutpoint that plantations prepare by default
Variety-Farm Levels of Preferences and Their Impact on Flower Purchase in the Orders Progress
What is the best way to arrange your work with flower order on the website
Whether the productivity of the variety affects the price?