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In the field of wholesale flower purchase and delivery we meet the challenges of any complexity, help to arrange logistics of flower cargoes.

How to Get Started. Principles of Work

The first steps in organizing direct flowers deliveries. An individual approach to customers combined with the latest technologies in flower products ordering. The market prices and standing orders with fixed prices for flowers. Choice of the way of flower purchase.


This section contains answers to questions from flower market professionals and customers who are taking their first steps in the flower business. Orders placement, purchase on the electronic platform, farms preferences and claims policy.

Flowers Catalogue

Varieties catalogue contains the main flower types and varieties that we purchase. Statistics on the flower purchase by farms and countries, rating of varieties popularity, many pictures of flowers taken on different farms are available.

Farms Catalogue

In this catalogue we display farms from Ecuador, Colombia, Kenya - our partners in flowers supply we are in a daily contact with. Farms varieties lists, varieties photos and farms logotypes are available.


In this section users can get familiar with the list of available tools for purchase, track on the status of flower orders online, purchase the preferable varieties from the best producers on the free market, and control the entire process.

Gypsophila - a new dimension of volume and elegance2024-07-12

Flower types we supply

Gypsophila remains a popular choice for florists to create trendy floral arrangements and decorations...

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Rumex UNICORN™ is a new product in the world of ornamental greenery from the breeder Danziger...

Annual Rose Parade in Cayambe (Ecuador)2024-06-27


The Cayambe highland region is particularly famous for growing top quality roses, that are exported throughout the world....

Fresh cut flowers wholesale supplies

Daoflowers provides flowers wholesale supply from the famous flower farms of Ecuador, Columbia and Kenya. We provide our customers with internet-service thereby they can place their orders for the flowers purchase, check out the order status, track on the flower market situation online. Flower broker Daoflowers gives its Customers the latest information on the current status of the order, about current prices for flowers from Columbia, Ecuador and Kenya and leading growers’ offers. Daoflowers offers wholesale flowers from Ecuador, Columbia and Kenya. These countries hold the leading flower market positions, offering value-for-money.

Ecuador – is one of the leading countries – flower producers. Ecuadorian flower brands as well as the superior flowers quality are known to the flower professionals all over the world. An ideal weather and climate conditions in Ecuador foster the roses and other flowers production.
Columbian flower farms are also acknowledged as among the best in the world. Regions of the country where the flowers are grown outstand with its mild sunny climate and vast plentiful lands. Upscale flower brands of Columbia growing roses and other flowers, supply their products to many countries of the world.
Flower farms of Kenya became popular not so many years ago. Flowers from Kenya (roses, for example) smaller than Ecuadorian ones, but they are not so expensive and more persistent what determines demand.

How to place the order with Daoflowers? Our Company provides direct flower supplies from the best Ecuadorian, Columbian and Kenyan flower farms. You can place your order for flowers purchase through our internet service. In order to make a flower shipment please use:
- varieties information offered by flower farms of Ecuador, Kenyan farms and many Columbian flower farms;
- “flower mixes” module - you can order different flower varieties in one box, and we will make a flower shipment according to your own mixes of flowers;
- Possibility to indicate substitutes that will be factored into the order shipment.

For the purpose of flower purchase from Columbia, Ecuador and Kenya through our webshop please sign up on our site and all the functions will become available for you, particularly, latest offers from Columbian, Kenyan and Ecuadorian farms. We buy wholesale flowers all the week-days except Sunday. Our manager will answer all of your questions related to wholesale flower purchase from Ecuador, Columbia, Kenya.

Placing your order for flowers from Ecuador, Kenya, Columbia you may track on your order status online. You will see what positions are already confirmed by flower plantation of Columbia (or other country), what positions are still waiting for the confirmation, you can see the shortage of Ecuadorian or Columbian flowers of any given variety. Therefore, you will be able to assess first-hand the situation with wholesale flowers and make the replacement. Due to this type of work every customer has the opportunity to buy flowers from Ecuador, Kenya, Columbia in a necessary volume and obtain top-quality Ecuadorian flowers for the private business.

Our principles of work performance We buy bulk flowers from Columbia, Ecuador and Kenya from a perception and to the to the needs and demands of our customers. From the very beginning it is important to put us to the correct task and lay out priorities. For example, you are interested in not expensive Columbian flowers (or wholesale flowers from Kenya and Ecuador at reasonable prices) and you are not focused on reputable farms only. In this case we will be looking for the favorable offers from flower suppliers, negotiate discounts and , trade down. If you are used to deal with flowers of the top-quality from Columbia and other countries, if you are brand oriented customer, we will try to adjust all of your requirements giving less attention to the prices. One way or another, it is important to understand that direct flowers supply – is very dynamic process, depended upon different factors starting with the weather on the flower plantations in Kenya and through upcoming big holidays. In a strong partnership with flower suppliers we do our best for your profitable flower wholesale purchase. In order to study of grounds for customers’ demands we collect statistics about our customers’ preferences and try to forecast the future trends.

Flowers delivery We deliver bulk flowers from Columbia, Ecuador and Kenya to Amsterdam. Further transportation of Ecuadorian roses and other flower products is carried out by freight forwarders. There are many transportation providers that will deliver your cargo to the city of final destination. This is our concern as a flower broker to help you in choosing a freight forwarder. Freight forwarders not only deliver your cargo, they also carry out customs clearance of your cargo. Please note that when registering an order for a wholesale delivery of flowers, you book a place in trucks, so please specify the company name and the date of loading in Amsterdam.

Additional Important Information The flower purchase is carried out in large quantities (following the minimum order criteria), so our customers are the wholesalers and flower shops chains. Quality control of flowers from Kenya, Ecuador and Colombia is carried out according to a certain effective scheme. You, our clients, may also help us in quality improvement by providing information to the online preferences service. This information is entered into the database of reliable plantations and is taken into account when purchasing bulk flowers from Kenya, Columbia and Ecuador. To be sure that the purchase of flowers in Columbia and other countries will satisfy your requirements, it is better to make a pre-order. You can always modify it monitoring online offers on our trading platform.