Special offers at Daoflowers website - Africa stock 23-06-2020 / News

Flower supplier Daoflowers is pleased to offer an expansion of our range to our Customers.

Since recently, on the Online Trading Platform of Daoflowers site the following stock-offers are available: flowers from Africa – grown in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia.

Flowers are already delivered to Amsterdam and can be loaded into your truck on the next day after the transaction.

To view these offers please go to the Daoflowers Trading Platform – Online Purchase and select from the dropdown menu of Plantations* plantation Africa Stock.

The indicated prices are the all-in prices for flowers delivered to Amsterdam and ready for loading into your truck and further transportation to the final destination.

We would like to remind you that click on the name of the variety will show you the photo of the flower.

Please note that it is necessary to order at least three boxes per one purchase day for one label.

For additional advice, you can always contact the Daoflowers managers.


IMPORTANT!!! Please pay attention that rose on stock is from Africa: Kenya, Uganda, Tansania.

It is not a quality as roses from Ecuador and Colombia. The bud high is not more than 3-4 cm.

However, is a good offer in its price range.