Annual Rose Parade in Cayambe (Ecuador) 27-06-2024 / News

The Cayambe highland region is particularly famous for growing top quality roses, that are exported throughout the world. On a total area of more than 4,000 hectares in the foothills of the Cayambe volcano, there are many premium segment farms.

The city of Cayambe has sparkled again with bright colors of the traditional Rose Parade, that took place on June 22, 2024, as a part of the grand annual celebrations in the region.

The parade is an important part of the festivities dedicated to the Sun Festival, also known as Inti Raymi. Inti Raymi is translated as “resurrection or path of the Sun” from the Quechua language. In fact, this is the day of the winter solstice, which is usually celebrated on a special grand scale in the countries of the Southern Hemisphere and marks the beginning of the new year for the inhabitants of the Andes. This ancestral festival is celebrated with ceremonies of thanksgiving to Father Sun and Mother Earth (Kech. Pacha Mama) for the soil fertility and harvest

The parade was attended by the main rose farms from Cayambe region. Parade participants walked through the city streets on majestic floats, specially decorated with luxurious roses, embodying the magical spirit of the carnival. Musicians and dancers dressed in traditional costumes accompanied the procession, filling the event with the authentic atmosphere..

The Rose Parade reflected the unique cultural heritage of the Ecuadorian highlands with its music, dance and national character. As always, the holiday left unforgettable emotions