Flower products quality control. How it works? 17-09-2019 / FAQ

The most effective way is the spot-check quality control of flowers before departure. Usually we outsource quality control services and ask their quality control inspectors to make a sample check at the refrigerator warehouse of the cargo agency.

What is being checked?

  • Flowers from farms that have not been inspected for a long time.
  • Orders from clients who requested quality control of their orders in advance.
  • The farm that sells some particular varieties in large quantities.
  • Varieties sold at suspiciously low prices that stand out against the general situation on the flowers market.

    There is no need to examine the farm that have been indicated by 10-15 customers as preferable, as the one they regularly buy from and satisfied with the flowers quality.

What flower standards have to be checked by quality control before departure of flower cargo?
  • - The temperature inside the flowers boxes when loading them out from the farm truck to cargo agency refrigerator warehouse (recorded in delivery-receipt document).
  • - The flowers’ temperature at refrigerator warehouse of cargo agency at the moment of inspection.
  • - Degree of the buds opening – roses, carnations, alstroemeria; and the buds’ size.
  • - The thickness of the stems, and even when opening some bunches, whether the stems are straight.
  • - Flowers freshness, leaf degree and its color.
  • - Botrytis or rotting hazard.
  • - Mechanical damages of the boxes or buds.
  • - Packaging quality (the way of bunches fixation in the box).
  • - Humidity inside the boxes with flowers

Boxes of doubtful quality are sent back to the farms. Quality control reports supported by photos will be documented. If the customer has a spare day for the purchase behind, missing varieties rejected by quality control are purchased later and the order is completed in full.

Onsite quality control is less effective, since the farms are get ready for such a visit, they can eliminate or hide the problems themselves. Also it is important to note that within one day quality control inspector manages to visit no more than 2-3 farms.

The way to control the flower quality before departure is suitable for Ecuadorian farms and Ecuadorian transport agencies only. In Colombia, there are certain access restrictions at the preflight area of the airport, and farms deliver their boxes to the airlines (not to the cold rooms of the transport agencies) right before the flight departure. Therefore, in Colombia quality control will not work without visiting farms.


No less important and very effective is the indirect way of flower quality control by means of online system of preferences and bans on our site www.daoflowers.com.
A score of clients determine by themselves the current quality rating of the variety grown on a particular farm when choosing and ticking super positions “variety-farm” as preferable ones, or prohibiting some of the positions. Obviously, if many customers simultaneously prefer some variety from certain top-priority farms we may go ahead with the purchase – this variety will be of the perfect quality.

Our managers are very sensitive to the fact that if the customer will be dissatisfied with the flower quality he will never return back with the new orders. Therefore, the quality control is always a priority, along with customers’ preferences for the flowers purchase from certain specified farms.

Upon customer’s request we may arrange a service of regular quality control of flowers before flight departure. The cost of this service is from 2 to 3 USD per box of 0,5 or 0.25 FB. The customer receives detailed quality inspection photo report of each box examined.