Ecuadorian growers offer a new variety of ornamental greenery Rumex UNICORN™ 04-07-2024 / News

Rumex UNICORN™ is a new product in the world of ornamental greenery from the breeder Danziger. This innovative variety offers unlimited possibilities for florists to freely choose and combine different styles of design, creating unique compositions.

Rumex UNICORN™ continues the popular green trend in floristry, reflecting the searching for naturalness and harmony with surroundings. With its unique appearance and structural qualities, Rumex UNICORN™ can add a touch of natural elegance to floral arrangements.

The delicate, refined texture makes Rumex UNICORN™ a universal choice for florists. This decorative greenery can be used as a centerpiece, a complementary element in floral arrangements or in mono decors, transforming any space into a showcase of natural beauty.

We invite you to try this new product that has for the time being appeared in production in only a few Ecuadorian farms. Rumex UNICORN™ is available to order in lengths from 70 cm and above throughout the year.

Depending on the farm-grower, possible package 10 stems per bunch in QB or HB boxes:

  • 120 stems in 1 QB (Quattro Box)
  • 150 stems in 1 QB (Quattro Box))
  • 300 stems in 1 HB (Half Box)

This product can be found on our online offers platform, or you can make a pre-order by contacting our managers.