The Project Mission

web The idea of creation of universal web-interface for flower business professionals began in the early 2000s. At the initial stage of the system development we decided to create a multi-user interface for the farms in South America growing flower products in the mountain equatorial zone and customers who buy those flowers on a regular basis. The concept of execution of such orders is non-trivial, this is why the development of the system regulating relationships of market participants has grown in fact into scientific project.

plant In the late '90s the customers’ orders seemed quite simple. For example: 20 "boxes of rose from Ecuador", 10 red + 10 color. Nowadays, the customers have much more complicated order requirements, they would like to be closely involved in the flower purchase and to track the prices. In addition to a clear varietal composition of the cargo with a description of possible replacements, the customers insistently demand that their preferences for varieties from specific farms are to be considered. The execution of such orders requires the appropriate software.

rose There is the fundamental difference if we compare our purchasing system to the Dutch auctions. At the auctions, the flower manufacturers display their finished products, but the salesmanship approach, the art to process the customers’ requests lies in the awareness of market prices, the level of manufacturers, and being able to react to fluctuations in demand in time.

In our segment of the flower business, we are heavily dependent on the weather conditions in the places of flower production, on the timely cargo place booking on the airlines. Even strikes and frequent volcanic eruptions may adjust the logistics process. We have tried to incorporate into our system our many years’ experience in the field of flower purchase and logistics, as well as all possible factors that can be foreseen and predicted.

cargo truck

In the news feeds of our portal, we plan, first of all, to post information that will be useful to the big wholesalers of fresh flowers. Perhaps it will be brief reviews of the state of the wholesale flower market, analysis of the current demand, development trends of market participants.

We plan to keep our users updated on the advanced developments and modifications of the interface of our website and Daoflowers Apps for Android and IOS

We really hope that in cooperation with professional users, we will be able to develop the most convenient interface for data processing and statistics viewing, that will facilitate the work of all participants of the flower business.

Thank you for your trust and interest in our system,

Daoflowers Team