Working with a large number of farms simultaneously

Many of small-scale wholesale flower companies that go along with attempt to do their own purchase from farms are constantly faced with a great deal of unforeseen issues.

Usually it is quite complicated for such companies to work with a large number of farms. The product range of three to five farms from which a small-scale wholesale company buys flowers is not able cover all the requirements. At the same time, it is also necessary not to be mistaken in coordination with transport agencies, to book cargo space on the airlines for the timely shipment of flower cargoes.


It may also happen that pre-planned important purchase from the required farm will turn out to be impossible. This may be due to the seasonal quality deviation or just because of communication problem when farm will not deliver required range and flower volume. It is not unthinkable that the major broker may repurchase from the farm the flowers that were destined for another small company.

In view of this and in order to drive out the risks, Daoflowers works with more than 250 farms on a regular basis and with about 50 farms more during the surge in demand. Owing to the wide choice, Daoflowers will always fulfill an order completely with an optimal choice of farms according to the preferences of the customers, and prices will be more than competitive.


An individual approach to the purchase of flower orders of each Customer

An individual approach, customer-first attitude and close concern to each position purchased for the customer - this is not just a matter of words. We are aware of quite tough competition on the flower market, and any misstep, the smallest mistake can result in the lack of new orders. Therefore, our employees work individually with each customer, the purchase of flowers is carried out in such a way as to ensure optimal satisfying the customers requirements and needs, to ensure the best possible price (in the required quality segment) and to exclude untoward surprises. If the orders are placed on time, we usually have 2-3 days to purchase flowers from Ecuadorian, Colombian and Kenyan farms, that allows us to control the delivery of flowers to the airports of departure. In addition, we provide our customers with online tracking tools of the status of their orders on our website, mobile application, as well as online trading platform for daily purchases of flowers on the free market.

Logistics, professional coordination of each flower delivery

In general, farms do not provide the customers with logistics services. They just deliver the boxes with flowers to the airport to the transport agency that the customer specifies. This is where the farms' responsibility ends. There are several farms-exceptions that try to deliver the customer’s boxes in the right direction, however, it is better to entrust logistics to specialists.

Daoflowers works directly with the best cargo agencies in Quito, Bogota and Nairobi, leaders by volume in flower delivery to Europe and Northern America. Owing to the regular weekly deliveries, Daoflowers has the priority flight booking of cargo spaces on the most reliable airlines active in flower airfreights, and discounted rate in comparison with the clients delivering their own 10 to 20 boxes per week. It is quite obvious that Daoflowers is one of the first to get the cargo space on the most reliable charter flights.lowers is one of the first to get the cargo space on the most reliable charter flights.

We always know - where the flower shipment is now, the temperature regime throughout the delivery, when the shipment will arrive to the destination point, and we promptly inform the customer about the status of the flower cargo.

Our site offers unique web tools for the daily purchase of flowers and coordination of flower cargoes.

The farms, the flower growers can view online which customers' boxes (labels) should be delivered to airports today.

Transport agents can view online what cargo for which customers will be delivered by farms, and draft air waybills in advance. As soon as any new position is purchased, it is seen by customers, farms and transport agencies.

The customers can buy, and the farms can sell their positions automatically, for this purpose we have developed electronic trading platform. The key difference between our platform and traditional web-shop is that we do not work with stock. All the products that are bought and sold on the electronic trading platform will be delivered to the point specified by the customer. The flowers are bought fresh from farms, so first of all they have to be delivered by farms to the airports, dispatched on time by reliable airlines and delivered to customers. Given the complexity of logistics, we make every effort to realize an execution of customer's pre-order.

In terms of the volume and quality of electronic services available to the business participants, occupies еру leading position in the market.