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Possibilities for customers


We do hope that relying on the services of our web-portal our customers will save time to spend it somewhere on islands in the ocean.

How our portal could be useful for wholesalers of flower products?

Our site has the vast database of producers and varieties, and for this reason the flower catalogue is unique. Currently varieties of the following flower types are presented as fully as possible:

  • - rose
  • - carnation
  • - spray rose
  • - spray carnation
  • - gypsophila
  • - alstroemeria
  • - and other types of flowers

grown in Ecuador, Colombia and Kenya

The customers can place their orders on our website. When placing the order, an advanced interface allows you to use the farms’ lists of varieties, the flexible system of preferences, and determine the possible replacements. The orders history is stored in the database. The customer can import his order from the previous date, to transform it and update (for execution) in the nearest future.

Any customer at any time can view the current status of his order, he can see to which farms the order has been distributed, positions that have already been confirmed by the farms, and positions that are still on hold. The customer is fully engaged in the process of his order distribution between farms, he can get involved in the purchase and to make changes.

The system automatically sends to the customer pre-alerts – the documents providing with all the necessary information about the dates of cargo arrival and air waybill numbers. Besides that, at any time the customer can download the latest information on our web platform.

When forming the preferences on farms and ordering varieties from specific farms, the customer thereby takes part in the classification of farms and varieties produced by different farms. Obviously, some of the farms can be on top of their products quality at one time or another Naturally, the customers who place their orders through our web interface will have an access to the current rating of quality, that should serve as a guide during the ordering process.

Possibilities for producers

How can producers of flower products, for example, farms that grow fresh cut flowers, use our portal? If a flower producer actively work with the site database, then he can:

Publish the list of varieties, produced by the farm and always keep it updated.

Provide the potential customers with unique photos of varieties from their own farm. As you know, the same variety can have a more or less saturated color range, depending on the area where it is grown.

At any moment the flower producer can check online what positions of orders the customers expect from him today, and which positions can be packed and sent within the next few days in order to complete the orders.


Post your latest offers every day and sell themon the free market to the numerous customers of the portal.

At any time the employees of the coordination and transport department of producer are able to see the current instructions for preparing all the necessary documents (invoices, phytosanitary certificates, certificates of origin) and instructions for boxes labeling. In addition, the flower producer can obtain the exact air waybill (AWB) numbers under which the boxes were actually sent.

Possibilities for cargo agencies

Cargo agencies that coordinate the dispatch of flower cargoes at the points of departure can have an access to operational information that will allow them:

- to estimate the indicative volume of flower cargo and to book the corresponding space on the airlines in advance;

- to determine how many pieces and from which producers are expected to be delivered to the warehouse of the transport agency today;

- to track online the information of the loading priorities on flights according to the labels of each recipient of freight.

Interaction with the handling agent and its functions at the point of cargoes’ arrival

Acceptance of flower cargoes at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

Forced cooling procedure - vacuum pre-cooling.

Registration of transit documents T1.

Flower cargo loading into the trucks of transport companies or on flights that deliver boxes to the customers.

Using our website and mobile applications, the handling agent's employees will be able to get directly from the website (or check) the data on the distribution of boxes between the trucks of transport companies.

Through ongoing communication with the handling agent, with transport agencies at the place of dispatch of goods and also, by receiving data from the websites of airlines, we can always give an answer to our customers where their cargo is at the moment, when the cargo is expected to arrive at the point, and when it is available for further loading after pre-cooling procedure.

trucking company

Possibilities for the transport companies / freight forwarders

Transport companies deliver the cargoes that have arrived at the point, to the final recipients of freight - the customers of the portal. As a rule, the customs formalities clearance is also included in their services package. The choice of the transport company is the choice of the customer. Usually, the customers make a preliminary booking by contacting the coordination office of the transport company.

- as cargo arrives at the point, the transport companies receive pre-alerts from our system with an indication of the number of pieces for each customer’s label, air waybill numbers, stem composition of cargo.

- Managers of transport companies responsible for the distribution of boxes at the final point can receive online information that will help them to correctly distribute the boxes to the consignees according to the air waybill numbers and labels.