Popularity index of carnation varieties from Ecuadorian and Colombian growers for 2023 09-02-2024 / Articles

In this article we bring to your attention an index of the popularity of carnation varieties from Ecuadorian and Colombian growers based on statistics of the purchase of our customers orders in 2023.

popularity index
percentage of order volume

Red carnations and mixed colors continue to be the first in terms of purchase volume. However, if we compare statistical data for the previous six years, the percentage of red and mixed color carnations tends to decrease in favor of increasing volumes in various solid varieties and other mono colors.

So in 2018, the red carnation position occupied 57.47% of the volume of purchases of all carnations and the mixed color carnation position, respectively, 27.93%. As a result, only 14.6% shared all other mono colors and solid varieties.

Over the past six years, these indicators have been gradually changing. As you can see in the table above, in 2023, red carnations constituted 50.48% of the purchase volume and mixed carnations 13.78%. Accordingly, 35.74% was distributed between different solid varieties of carnations. Thus, we can see a growing market trend towards the popularity of purchasing carnations in solid varieties and in mono colors.

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Positions of different carnations varieties in solid boxes and mono colors are available daily in farms’ offers on our on-line web platform. To ensure more precise compliance with your preferences, we still recommend placing orders in advance.

We hope this statistics will be useful for the development of your business.