The flower quality control refused some boxes – some of the finer points 30-11-2018 / Articles

Daoflowers always has an increased focus on the quality of flowers from Ecuador and Colombia. We regularly carry out the spot-check quality control of purchased flowers.

Boxes of dubious quality are sent back to the farms. Quality control reports supported by photos will be documented. If the customer has a spare day behind for the purchase, missing varieties rejected by quality control are purchased later and the order is completed in full.

As a rule we check the quality of:

  • Flowers from farms that have not been inspected for a long time.
  • Varieties sold at suspiciously low prices that stand out against the general situation on the flowers market.
  • Flowers from farm that sells some particular varieties in large quantities.

Also we offer to our customers to arrange the total quality control on the regular basis or from time to time, upon customer’s request.

The cost of this service is from 2 to 3 USD per box of 0,5 or 0.25 FB. The customer receives detailed quality inspection photo report of each box examined.

Sometimes position can be rejected by the internal state quality control due to the most common reason – flower thrips (insect-infested flowers).
In this case photo report will not be available – the state authorities do not provide the photo report.

When the quality control has rejected the box (or several boxes), and the order could not be completed due to the following reasons:

  • it was the last purchase day
  • the quality control refused the rare variety, that is not available on the market
  • the flowers are available, but at the higher price, that is unacceptable for the customer.

In this case we dispatch the order composed of the positions, that met all of the quality control standards and claim probability is ruled out.

The day before shipment, according to our appropriate procedures, the client receives via e-mail the final list of the boxes according to his order.

Some of the customers complain about non-complete order execution.

In this case we ask our customers to pay attention to the fact that in economic terms it is much better - to have the boxes of the perfect quality that meet all the quality control standards rather than pay for the custom clearance and delivery of the flowers of dubious quality.

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