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# Country Plantation Brand Types of flowers
1 COLOMBIA savanna flowers premium foliage eucal, ruscus, greens
2 COLOMBIA serrezuela serrezuela mini-spray, rose, carn
3 COLOMBIA alexandra farms alexandra farms rose, spr-rose, dah
4 COLOMBIA saga flowers agroinsumos rose
5 COLOMBIA matina flowers matina flowers rose
6 COLOMBIA elite flower elite flower rose, carn, mini-spray, spr-rose, chr spray, chr 1 head, soli
7 COLOMBIA el cactus el cactus rose, carn
8 COLOMBIA dawn flowers sas dawn flowers sas hydr, chr 1 head
9 COLOMBIA magic flowers col magic flowers col hydr, gerbera
10 COLOMBIA hacienda aroma carn, mini-spray
11 COLOMBIA infinity farms infinity farms ruscus, eucal, greens, gypso, rose
12 COLOMBIA sky flowers col sky flowers col hydr
13 COLOMBIA milonga milonga rose
14 COLOMBIA milagro el milagro rose, runun, spr-rose
15 COLOMBIA sagaro sagaro rose, carn
16 COLOMBIA agromonte agromonte carn, mini-spray
17 COLOMBIA julieta flowers julieta flowers hydr
18 COLOMBIA multiflora multiflora rose, spr-rose, carn, mini-spray, statice, chr 1 head, scab, chr spray, soli, callas, lil, moluce, diant, aster, stock, alstro
19 COLOMBIA natuflora natuflora rose, alstro, spr-rose, statice
20 COLOMBIA la conejera flores la conejera carn, mini-spray
21 COLOMBIA la plazoleta plazoleta bazzani alstro
22 COLOMBIA farm direct farm direct rose, spr-rose, carn, hydr, alstro, diant
23 COLOMBIA condor andino condor andino hydr
24 COLOMBIA riegel riegel alstro
25 COLOMBIA inversiones bellaflor beauty flowers rose
26 COLOMBIA las indias guayra carn, rose
27 COLOMBIA las paulinas las paulinas hydr
28 COLOMBIA pronto farms pronto farms hydr
29 COLOMBIA colon farms colon farms carn, mini-spray, rose
30 COLOMBIA trinity farms trinity rose
31 COLOMBIA esmeralda_col SUNSHINE BOUQUET rose
32 COLOMBIA gemagricola gema carn
33 COLOMBIA petalii petalii carn, mini-spray, ruscus, greens
34 COLOMBIA inversiones la montana inversiones la montana rose
35 COLOMBIA prisma prisma rose
36 COLOMBIA milagrosa flowers milagrosa flowers
37 COLOMBIA dalia tropical dalia tropical mini-spray, carn
38 COLOMBIA tahami tahami
39 COLOMBIA pozo azul pozo azul rose
40 COLOMBIA san francisco gardens san francisco gardens hydr
41 COLOMBIA vuelven penelope rose
42 COLOMBIA santa angela pradera rose
43 COLOMBIA tocancipa tocancipa rose
44 COLOMBIA progreso progreso rose
45 COLOMBIA madamme roses madamme roses rose
46 COLOMBIA santilliana la conchita
47 COLOMBIA fillco flowers fillco flowers rose, carn
48 COLOMBIA tairona tairona rose
49 COLOMBIA follajes el eden follajes el eden eucal, ruscus, greens
50 COLOMBIA lavisa lavisa rose, carn
51 COLOMBIA kuna flowers kuna flowers rose
52 COLOMBIA astral astral rose
53 COLOMBIA surandina surandina
54 COLOMBIA gaitana gaitana carn
55 COLOMBIA sky roses colombia sky roses colombia rose
56 COLOMBIA flores de colombia para todo el mundo flores de colombia para todo el mundo mini-spray, carn
57 COLOMBIA delta omega rose
58 COLOMBIA bioflora amelia carn, rose, mini-spray
59 COLOMBIA mongibello mongibello rose
60 COLOMBIA kimbaya amazonas
61 COLOMBIA jordan el jordan farms hydr
62 COLOMBIA monteverde victoria rose
63 COLOMBIA neusa agricola aluna flowers rose, hydr
64 COLOMBIA gaby farms gaby farms rose, spr-rose
65 COLOMBIA vegaflor col vegagold chr 1 head, chr spray
66 COLOMBIA cerenza flowers cerenza flowers rose
67 COLOMBIA eclipse eclipse rose
68 COLOMBIA lionen flowers lionen carn, mini-spray
69 COLOMBIA benchmark growers benchmark growers mini-spray, carn, alstro, rose, chr 1 head, spr-rose, soli
70 COLOMBIA circasia carmen rose
71 COLOMBIA picacho picacho carn
72 COLOMBIA andean flowers col andean flowers col
73 COLOMBIA colibri flowers colibri carn, mini-spray, rose
74 COLOMBIA dj flowers col dj flowers rose, carn
75 COLOMBIA altos de la mira altos de la mira rose
76 COLOMBIA linda colombiana linda colombiana carn
77 COLOMBIA andean fields andean fields alstro, carn, mini-spray, chr spray, rose
78 COLOMBIA colombian sunrise colombian sunrise carn, rose
79 COLOMBIA harmony flowers harmony flowers
80 COLOMBIA encanto flowers encanto flowers hydr, greens, rose, str, eucal, aster
81 COLOMBIA guamito flowers guamito flowers hydr
82 COLOMBIA prestige roses prestige rose
83 COLOMBIA ecoblum ecofarms carn, mini-spray, rose
84 COLOMBIA garin international garin international hydr, greens
85 COLOMBIA zion flowers zion flowers hydr, greens, sunflow, soli, chr 1 head, callas, bird of pa, star of be, chr spray, foliage, aster, str, kangaroo, gerbera, eryng, eucal, ruscus
86 COLOMBIA aristi farms aristi farms chr 1 head, chr spray, hydr, soli
87 COLOMBIA floresta floresta aster, soli, chr spray, hydr, chr 1 head, greens, eucal, str
88 COLOMBIA gutimilko gutimilko rose
89 COLOMBIA los aromas farms los aromas hydr
90 COLOMBIA pandero flores el pandero gypso
91 COLOMBIA borinquen flores borinquen foliage, greens, eucal, hydr, callas
92 COLOMBIA horizonte carisma rose, gypso
93 COLOMBIA valdaya valdaya rose
94 COLOMBIA agroindustria del rio agroindustria del rio carn
95 COLOMBIA buenavista carisma rose
96 COLOMBIA monchesa roses monchesa roses rose
97 COLOMBIA campina flores de la campina rose, callas, lil
98 COLOMBIA major fd major fd ruscus
99 COLOMBIA varaga farms varaga farms
100 COLOMBIA andalucia andalucia mini-spray, rose
101 COLOMBIA a&s a&s rose, carn
102 COLOMBIA cultivos manzanares cultivos manzanares chr 1 head
103 COLOMBIA magna flowers magna flowers rose
104 COLOMBIA cortijo pino montano rose
105 COLOMBIA latin blooms aleinky
106 COLOMBIA sayonara sayonara
107 COLOMBIA varietta farms varietta farms carn
108 COLOMBIA monika farms monika farms alstro
109 COLOMBIA el dorado el dorado rose
110 COLOMBIA bonita farms bonita farms rose
111 COLOMBIA ponderosa flowers poderosa flowers rose
112 COLOMBIA altagracia flores de altagracia dusty
113 COLOMBIA roseland roseland alstro, rose
114 COLOMBIA san miguel flores san miguel flores carn, rose
115 COLOMBIA kaira kaira rose
116 COLOMBIA country primavera country primavera carn
117 COLOMBIA induagricola induagricola rose
118 COLOMBIA excellence flowers excellence flowers rose
119 COLOMBIA incaflora incaflora rose
120 COLOMBIA unique export unique export rose, hydr, alstro, carn, mini-spray
121 COLOMBIA success flowers success flowers rose
122 COLOMBIA san jose farms san jose farms
123 COLOMBIA suasuque suasuque alstro
124 COLOMBIA sunny day sunny day rose
125 COLOMBIA san juan eucalypto carn, rose, mini-spray
126 COLOMBIA farms natural natural farms mini-spray, rose
127 COLOMBIA sauces flowers los sauces
128 COLOMBIA boyaca flowers boyaca flowers rose
129 COLOMBIA siete flores cool flowers
130 COLOMBIA agroflowers agroflowers alstro, carn, rose
131 COLOMBIA agricola don eusebio agricola don eusebio
132 COLOMBIA santa catalina santa catalina mini-spray
133 COLOMBIA inversiones docil xtravaganza flowers pincushion
134 COLOMBIA montecarlo montecarlo gardens aster, hydr, greens
135 COLOMBIA condor comet carn
136 COLOMBIA viyazarig viyazarig rose
137 COLOMBIA adriana roses adriana roses rose
138 COLOMBIA lupita flowers col lupita flowers col hydr
139 COLOMBIA celebrity flowers celebrity flowers hydr
140 COLOMBIA flores el encanto natural flowers mini-spray, carn, rose, gypso
141 COLOMBIA tiba tiba rose, spr-rose
142 COLOMBIA samchak samchak rose
143 COLOMBIA american flowers american flowers hydr
144 COLOMBIA luisiana farms charming carn
145 COLOMBIA inverciones napy inverciones napy gin, foliage
146 COLOMBIA flores de la vereda blooms carn, rose
147 COLOMBIA zarina flores de los andes rose, alstro
148 COLOMBIA universal universal rose
149 COLOMBIA nfc nfc rose, carn, mini-spray, hydr, ruscus, eucal, callas, diant
150 COLOMBIA wayuu wayuu rose
151 COLOMBIA rosamina rosamina rose, eucal, hyp, greens, craspedia, ruscus, pincushion
152 COLOMBIA lolita flores col lolita flores col ruscus, hydr, rose, aster, callas
153 COLOMBIA florida verde florida verde greens, eucal, hyp, ruscus
154 COLOMBIA las flores las flores rose
155 COLOMBIA cultivos del norte floresenlinea chr 1 head, rose, chr spray
156 COLOMBIA green genie green genie ruscus, eucal, greens, foliage, hyp
157 COLOMBIA loma linda col loma linda col hydr
158 COLOMBIA flower trade flores taika alstro
159 COLOMBIA royal farms col royal farms rose
160 COLOMBIA yasa yasa chr spray, chr 1 head
161 COLOMBIA conchita flores la conchita alstro, rose, hydr, runun, callas, ruscus
162 COLOMBIA turflor fusion mini-spray, carn, barbatus
163 COLOMBIA daflor daflor alstro, rose
164 COLOMBIA flores el moral flores el moral
165 COLOMBIA geoflora geoflora carn, mini-spray, runun
166 COLOMBIA fancy flowers fancy flowers callas
167 COLOMBIA caimitos flowers caimitos flowers rose
168 COLOMBIA guatativa flowers guatativa flowers carn
169 COLOMBIA san isidro farms san isidro farms rose, carn, mini-spray, gypso
170 COLOMBIA macarena farms macarena farms rose
171 COLOMBIA florigene col florigene col carn, mini-spray, rose
172 COLOMBIA aposentos aposentos carn, mini-spray
173 COLOMBIA odysea flowers flowers rose
174 COLOMBIA iwa flowers iwa flowers rose
175 COLOMBIA exporium nativas rose, carn, spr-rose, chr spray
176 COLOMBIA inverpalmas palmas carn, mini-spray, rose, spr-rose
177 COLOMBIA hosa hosa rose, spr-rose
178 COLOMBIA sabanilla sabanilla
179 COLOMBIA tesalia tesalia rose
180 COLOMBIA carmel flowers carmel
181 COLOMBIA catu inversiones calo rose
182 COLOMBIA papagayo papagayo carn, mini-spray
183 COLOMBIA iguana farm iguana farm
184 COLOMBIA timana timana rose
185 COLOMBIA silvestres silvestres chr 1 head, chr spray
186 COLOMBIA redil redil rose, spr-rose
187 COLOMBIA florida flores la florida
188 COLOMBIA latin flowers farm latin flowers farm
189 COLOMBIA cuspide flowers cuspide flowers
190 COLOMBIA mocary mocary
191 COLOMBIA santa paula victoria rose
192 COLOMBIA sabana sabana rose
193 COLOMBIA triunfo triunfo carn
194 COLOMBIA sofilani flowers sofilani flowers rose
195 COLOMBIA dlm dlm rose
196 COLOMBIA tone flowers tone flowers rose
197 COLOMBIA gambur serrana carn
198 COLOMBIA greener flowers greener flowers carn, ruscus, greens, foliage, rose, mini-spray
199 COLOMBIA bicco farms bicco farms alstro
200 COLOMBIA suesca suesca rose
201 COLOMBIA teucali karibe rose, carn
202 COLOMBIA santa helena aphrodite rose
203 COLOMBIA r&g flowers r&g flowers hydr, rose
204 COLOMBIA discovery farms discovery farms carn, mini-spray, rose
205 COLOMBIA aurora dandy carn, rose, mini-spray
206 COLOMBIA hydraflora hydraflora eucal, ruscus, greens, hydr, callas, ornithogal, str
207 COLOMBIA toto flowers toto flowers rose
208 COLOMBIA funza millenium alstro, rose, gypso, statice, moluce, carn, mini-spray, limonium, delphi, soli, lil, scab
209 COLOMBIA s&j flowers SAS s&j flowers hydr