Offers of Kenyan farms are on our website again 15-06-2023 / Articles

Suppliers of Kenyan flower products that appeared on the international arena of the flower market about ten years ago, already compete fully with the farms of Ecuador and Colombia. Over the past few years, Kenyan flower farms have significantly expanded the variety range and improved the quality of their products. At the same time, the low-price policy remains an integral bonus.

With the increased demand among our customers for a flower from Kenya, we renew posting on a regular basis the offers from Kenyan farms on our online offers platform.

Every day you can find about twenty offers from Kenyan suppliers of roses and spray roses, as well as a number of special offers at very attractive prices. Since this direction is under active development, we recommend that you monitor the offers of not only familiar farms, but also pay your attention to new brands having a positive customers’ review.

The of>fers of flower farms in Kenya are being placed on our web site about an hour or two before the offers of Ecuador and Colombia.