Special aspects in the activity during pre-holiday period – St. Valentine's Day and March 8 09-12-2018 / Articles

St. Valentine's Day, February 14 is one of the main flower holidays all over the world.
International Women's Day, March 8 is more popular in the Eastern Europe.
Flowers deliveries volume during these holidays increases significantly, as a rule, by several times.

The flower supplier Daoflowers preliminary notifies its customers when it is necessary to send the orders indication (quantity without varieties) for advanced booking on the airlines, and when - the final order details by varieties.

Usually we ask our customers to send their final Orders for St. Valentine’s before January 15 and for the International Women's Day before February 1.
Order indication with approximate volumes and exact shipment dates should be sent as early as possible, preferably before January 01 and January 15 for St. Valentine’s and International Women's Day, respectively.

Due to the deliveries volume increase by several times, the demand for a space on cargo aircrafts is also growing.
Regular flights can not cover all the needs of the market and airlines engage additional cargo airplanes for the most popular destinations. Due to the charter flights the air freight rate increases accordingly, at least by 50-70%.
In most cases, airlines require an advance payment for the space on charter airplanes and apply penalties in the event that the booked space is not used.
In turn, we are forced to ask customers to send us their orders at the earliest possible time and indicate as accurate volumes as possible.

The vast majority of farms send us their Price Lists for holiday supplies as far back as autumn.
Usually, FOB prices in these Price Lists become really dearer, like 1.2 USD per a stem of a red rose 60 cm.
We almost never buy customer orders at the prices of farms’ Price Lists, but we meet the current market situation.
The exception to this rule applies where the customer has the strict preferences for the requested farm and clear understanding of the price situation in the event of such a purchase.
The past experience has shown that the market prices rarely if ever exceed the original prices, indicated in the farms’ price lists.
Even the preliminary contract orders with farms are confirmed after the hard work on price policy optimization of those offers.