Means of Communication between Customers and Daoflowers 20-08-2019 / Articles

Before starting cooperation with a new customer, the flower supplier Daoflowers always asks the customer to provide as many contacts as possible for the time-efficient communication.

The main methods of communication are as follows:

  •   E-mail - is the most important and necessary method of communication with the customer.

It is used for sending absolutely all documentation (invoices, pre-alerts, newsletters, etc.), as well as for Claims sending.
E-mail is checked regularly, even if the staff status in messengers is "offline".
As a rule, the customer receives an answer within the shortest time.

  •   - The phone number - is a required parameter at the beginning of cooperation. It is used for the quick connection with the client in case of any urgent questions.
  •   Skype - this type of communication is recommended for online purchase discussion, order adjustment, negotiation of the other business issues.

There are some additional means of communication:

  • Viber/Whatsapp  Daoflowers:  +31 657 713385

Viber is operated more actively, since the same number can be used simultaneously from the several workstations by several employees, that is obviously streamline the business processes.

WhatsApp is used less frequently due to restrictions on the simultaneous use of one account.

In some cases Viber replaces Skype or they complement one another since are used for the same purposes.


Viber / WhatsApp / Skype - are NOT appropriate instruments of communication for sending Claims.

We press for claims sending through the module on the Daoflowers website or via E-mail.

Also, on the Daoflowers website there is a module that allows the customer to put the buying preferences or prohibitions on his own, thereby reducing over flow of information.