Claims policy 10-09-2020 / Articles

All the claims, without any exception (claims for missing stems, quality claims, bud size claims, claims for missing boxes) must be sent in necessarily written form via e-mail, through Android/IOS applications or by means of Claims Module of web-interface, not later than 24 hours upon receipt of flower cargo. Your verbal notification about the problems encountered is appreciated, but without official letter your claim will not be approved.

All of the claims must be evidenced by photos, sent us via e-mail, through Android/IOS applications or by means of claims module of our web-interface. These photos help us to provide the reasoned dialogue with farms and refund money to your account. In case of photos absence, your claim will be revised by farm, but we cannot guarantee refunding.

What kind of photos must be sent? At photos must be clearly seen:

  • Name of a box (farm),
  • AWB number (airwaybill, under which cargo arrived into the destination point)
  • Subject of Claim
  • Photos must describe a problem in full, for example, if you are claiming 125 stems – problems of all 125 stems must be clearly seen, NOT of 25 stems, for example
  • The barcode of each bunch has to be depicted and clearly seen on photo on a mandatory basis (without photos of barcodes farms may reject your Claim)
  • When submitting a claim for mechanical damages, photos of boxes should be taken from different angles and at full length, as a proof of undamaged box and that the problem is not related to delivery

Quality of photos must be good; otherwise it will be difficult to persuade the farm to refund the money.

Please see below examples of photos, taken correctly:

Again, we would like to emphasize - all of the claims have to be sent via e-mail, through Android/IOS applications or through Claims Module of our web-interface not later than the next day upon cargo receipt. In case if you (or your customers) do not have a possibility to take photos immediately, it is possible to send us an e-mail with the subject of claim and notification that the photos will be sent a bit later.

There are some cases when the customer can not submit all photos of the whole claimed volume within defined timeframes. In this case, additional photos can be sent to e-mail a little later, but not later than 24 hours after submission of the claim.

Claim is an official document and funds return to your balance depends on the proper execution of the documents required. In this regard, we strongly recommend NOT sending claims and photos via Viber / Whatsapp / Skype or any other messengers, please use methods specified above.