Mixes of decorative greenery (eucalyptus baby blue+ruscus israeli+cocculus+brillantina) from Colombian plantations 30-11-2023 / News

Green color symbolizes harmony, new life and balance. Green has always been one of the symbols of nature, as well as the embodiment of new beginnings.

Attention it deserves is rarely given to ornamental greenery Ornamental greenery is rarely given the attention it truly deserves. It's time to add some green foliage to your floral arrangements to brighten up the wintry days!

In fact, decorative greenery is an important basis for floral arrangements. It gives structure, interesting textures and smooth lines. Foliage highlights and successfully complements other flowers, emphasizing their individual beauty, helping to avoid monochrome, or, instead, a riot of colors. If previously decorative greenery often served as a backdrop for other flowers and plants, recently a trend has emerged to use foliage as the main element of design.

For customers who just want to start ordering decorative greenery, and for whom the volume of a box of mono greenery of one type may seem very large, we have specially developed the ability to create mixed boxes from several types of foliage from Colombian farms-producers.

We invite you to read about four most popular types of greens, which have proven themselves well among our clients for ordering in a green mix box:

Eucalyptus Baby Blue
Florists love this plant for its attractive blue-gray foliage and pervasive scent, making it a wonderful addition and decoration to any floral arrangement. More information about the possibilities of purchasing eucalyptus in mono boxes can be found in the article

Ruscus Israeli
This sophisticated, classic greenery adds softness and serenity to any bouquet and is ideal as a background in many arrangements. More details about the possibilities of purchasing Ruscus in mono boxes can be found in the article

Widely used in floristry. Famous for its lush, rich green foliage, which adds a superb glossy texture to arrangements. Also goes well with tropical-style compositions. Cocculus leaves provide a bright and cheerful backdrop to an arrangement and is an ideal foliage to add volume to floral bouquets.

Brillantina (pittosporum)
Florists often use pittosporum to create delicate and romantic bouquets. Lovely lush foliage of a bright green color, with a natural shine, can refresh and decorate any bouquet or composition.

Farms offer positions in a length of 60 cm with possible packaging of 10 stems/bunch in HB (Half Box) and EB (Eighth Box) boxes:

  • QB box: 3 bunches of each type = 120 stems
  • HB box: 6 bunches of each type = 240 stems

This green mix can be composed of the particular requested quantities per each foliage type according to the customer's preferences.

All ornamental greenery is available in Colombia all year round that eliminates the issue of additional hassle associated with seasonality and searching for the product in other countries.

If you are interested in such mixes, please contact our managers to calculate the price. We can also offer other types of foliage in the range upon the customer's request.