Ruscus Israeli from Ecuadorian and Colombian producers 28-07-2023 / News

Ruscus is a decorative greenery with bright, sophisticated leaves that can be used in almost any arrangement.

Ruscus branches are distinguished by their extraordinary long vase life. They are also great as flower fillers for various events and weddings, as they can keep their beautiful appearance for a long time without water.

Ecuadorian and Colombian flower producers grow a variety of ruscus known as Ruscus Israeli and offer it at any time the whole year round. This plant has nice glossy leaves of juicy green color. Ruscus leaves perfectly set off flower arrangements, giving them color and solemnity.

Ruskus is available in gradations 40-45-50-55-60-65-70 cm.

In a bunch - 10 or 20 stems.

Available packing in QB (Quattro box) or HB (Half box) boxes.

The number of stems in a box may vary depending on the farm-producer and gradation:

  • ruscus 40-45cm - 500 stems/QB and 1000 stems/HB
  • ruscus 50cm - 200-300-400-500 stems/QB and 1000 stems/HB
  • ruscus 55-60cm - 200-300-400 stems/QB and 800 stems/HB
  • ruscus 65-70cm - 300 stems/QB and 600 stems/HB

It is worth paying attention to the significant difference in the number of ruscus stems that the farms pack in QB (Quattro box) or HB (Half box). It is all about the parameters of the boxes used by greenery producers, which can vary in sizes. Depending on your wishes for the country and packing, we can offer you various options.

Ruskus is regularly offered for purchase on our platform of online offers from both Ecuadorian and Colombian farms. At the moment, the farms often put up their promotional offers for ruscus branches. We recommend that you follow the offers on our online platform, or contact our managers to calculate the price for the items you are interested in.