Many small flower enterprises, that make attempts of direct purchasing at farms frequently face unexpected problems.

Working with a lot of farms at the same time.

Small flower buyers used not to lack possibilities to work with many farms. The range that 2 or 3 farms may offer, can hardly cover the current need of the product. It may happen that a key purchase at the necessary farm is impossible.

That may be the reason of a temprorary seasonal quality drop or a simple lack of communication that may be the reason a farm does not give the range and volume needed. One can not exclude the situation that a big re-seller buys all teh flowers destinated for a smaller client.

That is why Daoflowers lowers these risks by working wth more than 200 farms at a regular basis and uses 50 more for active open-market purchase during maximal demand fluctuations. Thanks to a wide range of farms Daoflowers can complete your order with the flowers from the best farmsaccording to clients preferences, and the prices will be quite competent.


As a rule growers do not provides logistics. They just deliver the boxes to the cargo agency determined by te client, and here their responsibility ends. However there are some exclusions, when the farms do their best to deliver boxes to th client directly, but it would be better to confide your boxes to a specialist.

Daoflowers work directly with the best cargo agencies in Quito & Bogota leading in delivering huge volumes of flower products to Europe and Northern America Thanks to regular weekly deliveries Daoflowers has the priority for cargo spaces in planes of the most reliable airlines like Martinair, Cargolux & KLM specialized on flowers products shipping. And also, compared to smalled clients that move weekly 10 to 20 boxes, Daoflowers has good discounts in shipping rates. It is quite obvious that Daoflowers are the first to get space in the most reliable charter flights.

Everyday cooperation with Dutch shipping and handling agency IP Handlers.

Handling such kind of cargos includes the following operations:

•  receiving a cargo in Schiphol airport

•  pre-cooling the cargo in special vacuum installations

•  making special transit documents for Western Europe or custom clearance of Eastern European clients

•  placing flower cargos in special refrigerating warehouses

•  moving the pallets into freightforwarders trucks

Thanks to close cooperation with shipping agencies and everyday communication with main IP Handlers office, Daoflowers logistics managers are always aware about every current location of the cargo. They know as well its exact arrival time, when the pocedure of pre-cooling ends and when the cargo will be available for loading into trucks.