Is it possible to obtain temporary access to review and test our online purchase platform on Daoflowers website? 25-04-2024 / FAQ

The main priority of Daoflowers is to ensure high quality execution of customers’ pre-orders placed in advance, usually 3-4 days before departure from farms. During this time, Daoflowers is actively working to place orders with farms, negotiate prices, receive confirmations and distribute requested items to our customers' orders.

Every day, when farms send us their free market availabilities, Daoflowers system immediately selects and collects the necessary varieties to eliminate the shortage in pre-orders, and after that sends the remaining positions of the farms’ availability to our web platform in the “ONLINE offers” module for later sale from the free market.

Active customers of Daoflowers are given the opportunity to have complete access to the web platform of daily online offers. Our customers use the web-purchase module both to fully execute their orders and to partially complete them with selected interesting positions from the free market.

For our potential customers who are just planning to start working with us and would like to learn more and test our service, we provide the opportunity for full access to our web platform for a certain period of time. If within a specified period the customer is not active, does not place his orders or does not make any purchases, the system automatically closes provided access

Opening access to the system allows our potential customers to start purchasing as soon as our managers open an “empty” order for you, discussing all the required parameters. This includes choosing a timeframe for purchasing from farms, determining the point and date of delivery, and preparing the necessary documents. This way we can ensure that every stage of your order is customized according to your preferences and requirements.

Please note that the minimum quantity that can be purchased for each type of flower is 1 box

You can obtain temporary access to our online offers web platform using one of the following methods:

  • send a request for cooperation through the feedback form on the website
  • email:
  • WhatsApp +13073635073
  • Viber/Telegram +31654268152

After conversation with Daoflowers managers and clarifying the necessary details, we will provide you with a temporary login and password.

We are always happy to assist you in any matter!