How to get Daoflowers price list for flower products that we offer to clients? 27-12-2023 / FAQ

It is important to note right away that prices for flowers are not fixed. They are formed on the international open market and depend on many factors.

During the periods of holiday shipments such as Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, and Christmas, prices tend to rise.

During the periods of a relatively calm market, prices are subject to slight fluctuations due to weather conditions on the farms and general demand in the global market.

In response to a request to “send a price list,” we usually send clients not fixed price lists, but information about the prices that we have bought from the farms over the past week or several days ago. These are not the prices we predict, but the real prices of current flower shipments that were purchased from farms and delivered to our customers.

In order to receive information about current prices, please send us a request by filling out the feedback form on our website, or simply write a letter to our email address.

It makes sense to consider prices for flowers at a certain delivery point. FOB prices are prices of flowers in the country of origin at the moment of their delivery to the exporting airport, excluding air delivery. If the client needs to calculate the price for flowers delivered to a certain point (delivery airport), we can do this upon special request.

We may not respond to a request for pricing if customer information, location information is incomplete, incorrect, or not provided at all.

The current prices module is also available on the start page of our website and in the mobile application.

This service is regularly updated and gives an idea of ​​the actual current FOB prices (excluding airfreight), as well as average packing rates over the last few days of purchases.

On two tabs you can see:

  • prices of special offers that appear daily on our web platform of online offers, and at which customers bought flowers from farms.
  • current prices at which we bought our clients’ pre-orders from farms.

Please note that we work with more than 300 farms of different price segments in Ecuador, Colombia and Kenya, so the prices indicated in this module are average.

Upon customer’s request, we can always offer a number of interesting farms from the cheap, medium or more expensive, elite segment.