What is pre-cooling and what is handling? Is handling and pre-cooling value included in the flowers price? 11-12-2023 / FAQ

The range of flower freight handling services in Amsterdam includes the following:

  • Picking up cargo at the airport from various airlines.
  • Flower freight vacuum pre-cooling. During air transportation it is not always possible to maintain the ideal temperature of +4 +5 degrees C for flowers. Therefore upon the flight arrives, air pallets with boxes are placed in special vacuum installations. Then warm air is pumped out of the system and +4 C temperature is pumped in. +4 C is the ideal temperature for subsequent storage and transportation of flowers.
  • Issuing T1 Form Transit Documents (in case the flower freight is passing transit through the Netherlands). If the flower shipment has the destination for a customer registered in the EU, then a customs clearance procedure may take place at Schiphol Airport.
  • Placing flower freight in a refrigerated warehouse until it is picked up
  • Supplying pallets to trucks of groupage transport companies.

Daoflowers uses the handling + pre-cooling service package from IP Handlers BV at Amsterdam Airport, and includes these expenses in the flower prices for the majority of customers. There are some clients who prefer to pay for handling services directly or through groupage transport companies.

Daoflowers clients registered within EU territory usually pay for the import procedure (customs clearance) directly to IP Handlers BV.

Our invoices always indicate whether handling is included in the price of flowers.