How to start working with Daoflowers? How to place the first order? 22-02-2017 / FAQ

At the time being Daoflowers regularly supplies fresh-cut flowers to more than 150 customers in the European Union, Eastern Europe, Central Asia and Middle East.

Day-to-day work with a large number of farms in Ecuador, Colombia and Kenya allows us to realize our own potential and to meet demands of the new flower buyers.

Before obtaining an authorization on Daoflowers website, we suggest the customer send us via e-mail a draft order or, at least, an example of the average weekly order at the regular (non pre-holiday) period of time. You can send us your order example in any convenient form.

An example of your weekly order is the first step needed for further negotiation about cooperation. (at least an example of the range of products/varieties that customer requires).

As a rule we provide our customers with an access to the full web-site functionality when the first shipment has been fully coordinated in a “manual mode”. We create a user profile in our system, work over logistics issues, and set up newsletters.

New customers have an opportunity to put their contact details on website, and our responsible manager will contact you to discuss the possibility of further cooperation

When you place your first order or request a callback on our website it is very important to give us the more the better of your contact details: phone numbers, Viber or Whatsapp and your Skype address.

The obligatory requirements for the order are as follows:

  1. The destination (point of cargo arrival). For the majority of our Customers in the countries of EU and Eastern Europe is Amsterdam. Read more about it here: Daoflowers Logistics. If you are interested in delivery to other specific countries or directly to the client’s city, please contact the managers of our company, by leaving your contact information on the website, and we will try to help you.

  2. Expected loading date in Amsterdam (or the required delivery date to another destination point). If the customer already cooperates with the full-service freight forwarder, including delivery and customs clearance, the dates of truck loading must be agreed with the freight forwarder before cargo shipping.
    Please do not confuse the flowers loading date in Amsterdam with the date of boxes arrival to your final destination point.

  3. The name of the full-service freight forwarder which the customer has chosen and agreed further cargo delivery from Amsterdam as well as has made a booking in advance. When the customer doubts and does not indicate the freight forwarder, we will get in touch with the customer to find it out.
    Attention! We can not be responsible for the temperature abuse on the run from Amsterdam to the final destination point, for the boxes’ loss during transportation and for the possible problems with the customs clearance at the final point. This is the liability of the freight forwarder that you have entrusted your flower cargo with.

  4. The list of the order positions. Flowers type – Variety – Length (Grade) – Number of boxes The list of customer preferences (required farms for each position of the order) is not a must, but this is quite important for us to find it out before the purchase.

  5. Please specify in the order not the number of the stems ordered, but the number of the ordered full boxes (FB) or half boxes (HB), for example:
    - Variety, length (grade) – 1.0 FB
    - Variety, length (grade) – 2.5 FB
    - Variety, length (grade) – 0.5 FB
    This request is due to the fact that each farm has its own packing standards for every variety and we can not be absolutely sure that we will purchase the exact number of stems.

The length and grade are essentially the same definition - size. For example, for roses the size is the length of the stem in centimeters, but for a bunch of gypsophila - grade is the weight of the bunch in kilograms.

Please read more about «Flowers pack rates and statistics here.»

When you place your first order our responsible manager who will be personally involved in flowers purchase for your order from farms will get in touch with you. He will discuss with you the purchase details for your first order, the price policy to be followed and your buying preferences taking into account all your demands.

Our responsible manager with the realistic approach will immediately inform you what positions we can not fulfill, what real lengths/grades of each variety we will accomplish and he will explain whether we are able to buy flowers from the farms you have required. Also you will talk over possible substitute positions. Daoflowers never changes varieties at its own discretion without coordination and approval of the customer.

In case when the freight forwarder that delivers the cargo from Amsterdam to the customer's final destination is correctly registered in our system, then the stem composition info and the airway bill numbers accompanying the cargos are automatically sent to the specified e-mail addresses.

When the customer receives flowers, we will contact the customer to get the feedback, discuss advantages and disadvantages of each product to adjust the customer’s requirements for the next purchase. We will also make the customer an authorized user at our website to give him/her the possibility to buy flowers in a real time module at our Online FlowerMarket Place, obtain the necessary statistical information and data on the current prices as well as enjoy all other useful services at our website.