New on-line web report for farms - shipments report by awb 18-05-2009 / System updates

Many flower farms that ship regularly for us ask us to precise the AWB number their boxes were shipped under. 
Columbian flower farms used to have such kind of information from their shipping agencies. They always know their boxes’ AWB number.
The Ecuadorian farms’ boxes just get into shipping agencies’ warehouses, but the final cargo distribution according to AWBs, is carried out later.
Our new service will help farms get any time all the necessary information about the real AWB number for their boxes.
The default system shows the earliest shipments from the farm as 60 days ago and up to present day. If it is necessary to check the earlier shipments, one should select a necessary period of time. One can check a 2-month period at a time. If one needs the whole year statistics, it is necessary to apply to teh system 6 times for 6 60-days periods. There’s also a quick search according to AWB number (or fragment of number).

The table includes the following data:
*Day when the boxes left the farm
* Name of the farm
* Label of the box
* Invoice number
* FOB price of this invoice
* The number of AWB under which the box was shipped