Overview of the flower market of Ecuador, Colombia and Kenya (weeks 24-25). Wedding season 12-06-2024 / News

In Ecuador, remains the natural cycle of low rose production, accompanied by very unfavorable weather conditions. Low nighttime temperatures negatively influence production, slowing flower growth and reducing yield. This situation in the Ecuadorian flower market is expected to last a couple more weeks. However, much will also depend on further weather conditions, which directly affect production cycles.

The situation in the Kenyan flower market shows similar trends. Cold rainy weather provokes a decrease in rose and spray rose production. Despite this, we regularly make a selection of interesting daily offers - alternative replacements from Kenyan growers.

When the wedding season begins and traditionally lasts from late spring through early autumn worldwide, the flower market recovers noticeably, reflecting a significant increase in orders for the festive events. Many couples choose this time of year for their celebrations due to the pleasant weather and the possibility of out-of-door events. In this regard, there is usually an increased interest in flowers in white and pastel colors, as well as all shades of pink. High demand along with low production led to a noticeable reduction in supply for the seasonal shortage on the free market and provoked a significant increase in prices. Farms take the chance to sell demanded positions in a sale package with red varieties.

Gypsophila consistently maintains its popularity during the wedding season. Therefore, we strongly recommend placing your orders in advance. This way we can ensure its execution.

Carnation production in Ecuador and Colombia has stabilized, but the wedding season brings its own adjustments. Demand for white, pastel and pink shades has increased significantly. However, orders placed in advance, as well as purchasing interesting positions on our web platform of daily online offers, can guarantee you a well-stocked and varied assortment.

It is worth noting that some farms now are trying to adapt their packing standards to the current market situation, deliberately reducing the number of stems of shortage and in-demand positions in a box. In this way, the growers strive to ensure that more orders can be fulfilled, trying to evenly distribute the flower among their customers. Therefore, we recommend that customers for whom it is important to receive a certain number of stems of a certain variety discuss this with our managers in advance.

Also do not forget about hydrangeas, matthioli, ranunculus, anemones and other flowers from Colombian and Ecuadorian growers, presented on the market in sufficient quantities and perfectly reflecting the minimalist trend in floristry.

For customers who use our web-platform of on-line offers to purchase their orders, in the current market situation we recommend the following:

  • Pay attention to our advice/comment (in the upper left corner on our trading platform and highlighted in red), that will help you navigate the current market trends.
  • Start purchasing flowers from 7:00 am Ecuadorian time. It is from this time that availability from farms for the free market start to actively appear on our web platform. Within the first 60-90 minutes after the platform starts operating, the chance to buy the positions you are interested in is much higher. The later you start purchasing positions that are in demand on the market, the less likely you are to buy them.
  • Do not try to reduce prices for the shortage seasonal colors (white, pink, light pink, hot pink varieties). The farms are selling them quickly enough, so they see no reason to reduce the price. By haggling, you will most likely waste time and miss the chance to acquire the necessary positions. At this time, farms prefer to sell the shortage positions to the customer who additionally helps with the purchase of red varieties.
  • Request white, pink, light pink, hot pink varieties in a 1:1 ratio with red varieties from the same farm. For example, now farms confirm the shortage position of white and colored roses only in a sale package with red varieties.

We hope that our recommendations will help to optimize the purchasing process in the current state of the flower market.