Levante Collection - another line of anemones on the Ecuadorian flower market 07-06-2024 / News

Anemones continue to take over the world of floristry, reflecting a confident turn towards minimalism, when the trend is the elegance in simplicity. These flowers bring the sophistication of natural beauty into the busy rhythm of the modern world.

The flower market of Ecuador very dynamically picks up on new trends in floristry, responding by expanding the range of popular products. Thus, anemones continue to strengthen their position in the segment of fresh cut flowers in Ecuador, and new varieties and collections appear.

The new Levante collection represents another line of the latest Anemone coronaria varieties from the Italian breeder Biancheri Creazioni. These are the special double anemones with lush multi-layered petals that add unsurpassed elegance and delicacy to any floral arrangement, captivating with their bright colors and graceful appearance.

Levante Collection anemones are available in lengths of 30-35-40 cm and in the following colors:

Suggested packaging – 10 stems per bunch in Eighth Boxes: 120 stems in 1 EB (Eighth Box).

You can order both boxes of one color and mixed boxes of several colors.

Anemones are grown in Ecuador all year round, unlike the seasonality found in other countries.

This type of product can be found on our website of online offers, or you can place your pre-order by contacting our managers.