New varieties of roses from Ecuadorian growers 27-05-2024 / News

The flower market of Ecuador continues to experience a real boom in new products - every season a number of new positions and varieties appear in production. The fresh-cut roses segment is the most representative in this context. The continual emergence of new varieties in production of farms reflects the intensive dynamics of market development in the search for attracting new and retaining the attention of existing customers.

New varieties of roses surprise with their diversity. There is a fascinating trend when breeding companies lay increasing emphasis on creating roses with unusual bud openings, intricate shapes and interesting color solutions. Such innovative approaches, certainly, attract the initial attention of customers, but much depends on how other important characteristics of the variety show themselves in production, transportation, vaselife, etc.

Having a large database of farms-suppliers, we are always aware of the latest trends and novelties in the flower market, and try to introduce our customers to new varieties appearing in production and daily offers from Ecuadorian growers.

We would like to present you some new varieties from Ecuadorian farms:

Garden roses continue to remain among the favorites in the flower market. Ecuadorian farms keep planting new varieties of garden roses in an effort to meet market trends and fill the increased demand for this type of product.

In the availabilities of Ecuadorian farms you can already find varieties, such as:

It stands to mention that prices for new varieties are almost always quite high. This can be explained by the limited supply at the initial stage of production of the variety. Additionally, the significant farms' investments required to launch new varieties into production directly affects the final price of the product.

The above varieties from Ecuadorian growers begin to appear on our web platform of daily on-line offers. To more accurately fulfill your preferences, we still advise you to place your orders in advance, four to five days before departure from farms

Do not miss the opportunity to be the first to appreciate the new products of the Ecuadorian flower market