Overview of the flower market of Ecuador, Colombia and Kenya in the second half of March 2024 (weeks 12-13) 15-03-2024 / News

At the end of the main flower holidays, we usually say about the start of a new flower year. This year, a distinctive feature of this period is a noticeable drop in the production of roses and gypsophila in Ecuador and Colombia. After aggressive pruning and preparing the plants to increase production for holidays and subsequent very successful holiday sales, a natural cycle of low production began. Plants need time to recover. Furthermore, the current weather conditions are not the most favorable, which in turn just aggravates the shortage of flowers on the market. Prices remain high. The farms confirm red roses only with regular colored varieties. This situation with low rose and gypsophila production in Ecuador and Colombia is expected until the end of March. We recommend placing your orders in advance that will significantly increase the chance to purchase the required range and complete the orders.

At the same time, on the Kenyan flower market there is a large number offers of roses, spray roses, garden roses and garden spray roses from premium quality farms at very attractive prices. Farms will pack several varieties in a box upon your request. On the Kenyan market there are also many special promotional offers on red roses from farms with positive feedback from our customers. Therefore, we currently advise you to pay attention to flower products from Kenyan growers that will compensate for the shortage of products (in particular red roses) from Ecuadorian and Colombian producers.

On the markets of Colombia and Ecuador there are many offers of carnations, both red, mixed, and carnations by varieties, mono colors at attractive promotional prices. Every day on our daily offers platform we post the availability from reliable farms.

Despite the different market conditions, our web trading platform operates daily and you can always find offers from Ecuadorian, Colombian and Kenyan farms there. The only thing is that in the current market situation, we recommend starting the purchase from 7:00 am Ecuadorian time.

Hydrangea and other types of flowers can be purchased without problems, so we are waiting for your orders!