The situation in the flower markets of Ecuador, Colombia and Kenya on the eve of holiday deliveries for St. Valentine’s Day. Recommendations for flower purchase on our web platform of daily offers during the holiday period 23-01-2024 / News

Since last week, the flower market in Ecuador, Colombia and Kenya has seen significant growth in anticipation of Valentine's Day deliveries. First of all, demand increased, and as a result, prices for all shades of red varieties of roses and carnations have risen. To a lesser extent, however, prices also definitely increased for all shades of pink and lavender varieties, white varieties, and garden roses. Naturally, regular color varieties have also risen slightly in price.

It is worth noting that in Ecuador, flower products planned for St.Valentine’s supplies on a large number of farms were ready much earlier than planned by agronomists. Although some farms intentionally planned harvesting the flowers earlier in order to ship supplies by sea to customers in the United States and Chile. Thus, the farms have been trying to apply the holiday prices since the middle of last week. However, they have not yet been able to fully implement this - the volume of orders was still far from holiday, and there were more than enough products on the market.

The beginning of this week is characterized by a sufficient number of flowers in the offers of Ecuadorian and Colombian farms on the free market. However, there is ongoing and proportional growth in demand and prices for red varieties.

It is recommended to place orders for red roses, as well as red and burgundy carnations from Colombian producers, reasonably in advance, which will ensure more confident and high-quality execution. There are almost no chances to buy these items from the free market in Colombia.

Peak deliveries for Valentine's Day in Colombia and Ecuador is expected from January 29 and will approximately last until February 8-9. Accordingly, prices will continue to rise. Growth rate of the price level during peak supplies will depend on the availability of products on the market. Considering the fact that flowers bloomed earlier after the pinch, we can assume a decrease in the volume of supply on the free market in the following weeks. However, a lot will depend on climatic factors.

There are currently no problems with purchasing other types of flowers, and prices remain at the regular level.

During holiday deliveries, we advise our customers to place the orders in advance, which will significantly increase the chance of their execution.

For customers who plan to purchase their orders on our web platform of daily offers from farms, we recommend that you consider the following points:

  • It is better to start purchasing from 7:00 am Ecuadorian time.
  • The red rose is now confirmed by farms ONLY together with regular color rose varieties. It is important that the red and color roses must be requested within the same farm!
  • We strongly recommend that you first request regular color positions from the farm, and then red varieties. Otherwise, farms do not confirm red varieties, but prefer to sell them to customers who immediately made a request for both color and red items
  • Some top farms confirm shortage color varieties (for example: gotcha, mandala, boulevard, etc.) only together with regular color varieties as a load. In this case, you should pay attention to our comment when canceling the box. If you still need these particular shortage positions from this particular farm, request them again according to the requirements of the farms, agreeing to a package deal with the regular varieties from this farm.
  • Price negotiation for all in-demand holiday colors and shortage positions significantly reduces the chance of their confirmation by the farm.