Popularity index of rose varieties from Ecuadorian, Colombian and Kenyan producers for 2023 10-01-2024 / News

We would like to bring your attention to an index of the popularity of rose varieties from Ecuadorian, Colombian and Kenyan farms-producers based on the purchase statistics of our customers' orders in 2023.

Percentage of
order volume

The leading positions continue to be confidently occupied by well-known and well-proven varieties of roses in the market. Red varieties of roses (freedom from Colombian growers and explorer from Ecuadorian growers), white mondial rose variety and mixes also remain popular.

However, under the influence of current trends in the flower industry, demand from end consumers, as well as the preferences of florists and retailers, the flower market is constantly evolving, responding with the emergence of new varieties of roses.

Analyzing the statistical data, it can be noted that a significant number and diversity of new varieties that appeared in production in 2023, and which we have already told you about several times throughout the year, for the time being occupy just a small percentage of customers' orders. It looks like our customers still “try” and evaluate new products.

There is a growing trend of popularity of garden roses, as well as dyed ones

Most of the varieties can be found daily in farms’ offers on our on-line web platform. However, to more accurately fulfill your preferences, we recommend placing your orders in advance.

Also, at the special preliminary request of the customer, we can select, offer and advise on the new market products among the ordinary, garden and dyed varieties of roses.

We hope these statistics will be useful when creating holiday orders.