Born Free - a creative presentation of a new variety of red roses in the background of graffiti by the most mysterious street art artist Banksy 19-12-2023 / News

In anticipation of the flower holiday season 2023-2024, at the international flower exhibition IFTF 2023 in the Netherlands, a highly original presentation of the new variety of red roses Born Free from the famous Dutch breeder company De Ruiter took place.

Using street art to attract attention and interest to promoted product is a very innovative and creative approach for the flower industry.

The graffiti of Rage, Flower Thrower, by the famous English anonymous underground street art artist working under the pseudonym Banksy, was chosen to create a powerful visual effect. This work appeared in Jerusalem in 2003 in a high-conflict area and is one of Banksy's most famous works of all time. The masked rioter lobs not a «Molotov cocktail», but a bouquet of flowers. De Ruiter used this message to show that flowers bring joy and give us hope for peace in the face of adversity and destruction. The company notes that there is no specific political motive, but the artist’s message echoes the name of the variety and is more relevant than ever in times of global military conflicts.

Born Free is a bright red variety that has the following characteristics as stated by the breeder:

  • an average head size of 6 cm
  • an average stem length of 60-70 cm
  • high productivity rates (1.4-1.5 flower/plant/month)
  • no petals blackening
  • life expectancy in a vase is 12 days
  • great transport behavior

Currently in Ecuador, the production area of this variety is about 10 hectares. According to our database of Ecuadorian farms-producers, the variety has already appeared in production of 18 farms. Please be reminded that authorized users of our website may check out the producing farms in the card of variety in the “Plantations Growers” tab, or by clicking the link

The variety is of much interest to European customers, but only time will tell whether it will secure a foothold in the market and whether it will be able to apply for some share of orders as an alternative red variety.

The Born Free variety is already presented in the farms’ offers on our web site of daily online offers.