Farms begin flower supplying for Christmas 2023. Recommendations for red roses purchasing on our web platform of daily on-line offers. 08-12-2023 / News

In most of the world, Christmas is celebrated on December 25th. Decorating your home and premises for Christmas with fresh flowers is an old centuries tradition.

Most farms have already begun preparing holiday flower deliveries for Christmas to European countries, the USA, Canada, and Australia.

The traditional Christmas colors range includes red, green and white. However, red, as well as its secondary colors (such as burgundy) are unquestionable favorites. Therefore, the demand for products of such colors is growing significantly.

The number of offers on the free market has already noticeably decreased and prices have increased significantly for the following items:

  • standard and garden varieties of red roses (as well as its derivatives), however, this more applies to such varieties of roses as explorer and freedom
  • varieties of roses in green shades
  • burgundy carnation
  • hypericum red and similar shades

However, at the same time, the free market of Ecuador offers a large range of colored roses and carnations at still very attractive promotional prices. You can also find many interesting offers on garden varieties of roses on our platform of daily offers from plantations.

The peak of Christmas supplies is expected next week and will last approximately until December 18-19. Depending on how actively the European and American markets will purchase, an even greater shortage of explorer and freedom varieties is possible, as well as an even greater rise in prices.

In the current market situation, we advise our clients to place orders in advance, which will significantly increase the probability of their full completion.

For customers who use our web platform of on-line offers to purchase their orders, and who plan to buy a red rose there during Christmas deliveries, we recommend:

  • Take into account our hint comment (in the upper left corner on our trading platform and highlighted in red), which will help you to navigate current purchasing trends
  • Start purchasing from 7:00 a.m. Ecuadorian time, which will significantly increase the chances of shortage positions purchasing, that are usually sold out within an hour after the start of purchasing.
  • Do not try to reduce prices for red varieties. At this time, farms do not drop the prices for red varieties, therefore, you risk losing time and being left without shortage positions. Farms prefer to sell shortage red varieties to a customer who immediately confirms and accepts their price and also helps with the sale of colored roses.
  • Request regular colored varieties of roses in a 1:1 ratio with red ones within the same farm. For example, now farms confirm explorer and freedom only together with a colored rose.
  • Pay attention to other red varieties available in on-line offers on the website.