Ozothamnus / Rice flowers from Ecuadorian producers 23-11-2023 / News

Ozothamnus is an exotic plant native to Australia, whose notable feature is the dense spherical clusters of many delicate miniature flowers, at first glance ricelike. Hence the second name of the flower: rice flower.

It has a long vase life and retains its beauty long after drying, making it a universal filler for use in both fresh cut and dried flower arrangements.

The voluminous shape of rice flowers gives it a refined texture similar to gypsophila and limonium, but at the same time it has its special extraordinary charm. For this reason, florists especially appreciate ozothamnus for creating non-trivial designer bouquets, because it perfectly emphasizes and complements other flowers and plants.

In Ecuador at the moment, only a few farms offer ozothamnus. Therefore, we recommend placing your pre-order a few days before leaving the farm, since farms quite rarely include this position in their daily offers.

Ozothamnus is produced in Ecuador all year round.

It is available in white and pink colors in 40/50 cm grades, rarely 60 cm.

Ozothamnus is packaged in bunches of 10 stems only in Eighth Boxes (=1EB=0.125FB). The most popular packaging is 200 stems per 1EB. However, upon customer’s request, it is possible to pack 100 or 300 stems in 1EB.

If you are interested in this product, please contact our managers to calculate the price.