The season of Chilean peonies begins 25-10-2023 / News

Peonies are one of the most delicate flowers, the scent and shape of these flowers enchants and fascinates with the beauty. They look great alone or in combination with other flowers. This is an excellent choice for both everyday compositions decorating the interior and for wedding bouquets. Autumn and winter weddings can not be imagined without an elegant bouquet of peonies.

Despite the melancholy autumn in the northern hemisphere, in the southern hemisphere spring is already in full swing and brings its fruits in the form of luxurious peonies. So in Chile the season of these beautiful flowers has already started and it will last from the end of October and almost until the beginning of January. In Chile, peonies are grown in the open field, not in greenhouses.

Peonies from Chile are presented in lengths of 50-60 cm in the following varieties:

Packaging is offered in QB (Quattro Box) boxes measuring 105x35x13 of 100-120 stems depending on the variety and size of the bud.

Over several weeks, different varieties of peonies will alternately appear and be withdrawn from production by Chilean producers. Every week our managers will send out e-mail messages to our customers, notifying them of the availability of certain varieties for a particular period. Considering the fact that peonies are very popular, and their quantities are limited, we recommend that you do not hesitate to order the items that interest you.