Tips for buying dyed products from Ecuadorian and Colombian producers 05-10-2023 / News

Recently, different types of dyed flowers from Ecuadorian and Colombian producers have become increasingly popular. If four or five years ago only a few farms just began to offer dyed products in a single-color only (mainly blue, light blue, green, black) at fairly high prices, now almost every farm dyes in ordinary single-colors and, accordingly, the prices for such positions have slightly dropped.

However, the flower market is developing very quickly. Nowadays, nobody will be surprised by the banal color solutions. Plantations invent new types of creative dyes and colorants, combining different colors, tones, shades. Special series of dyed floral products are often created for specific holidays using colors that are the symbols of a particular holiday. Decorative elements are added in the form of applying sparkles of various colors, as well as various signs, prints, words on the rosebuds. New textures are being developed. For example, the effect of velvet roses has recently appeared.

With such a diversity of offers from farms for various dyeing options, there is a discrepancy in the names of the dyed varieties. Most often, every farm comes up with their own names. As a result, in practice there are cases when a dyed variety with the same or similar name may look different depending on the farm of origin. Therefore, in the case of ordering non-trivial single colors, or more complex colored shades and combinations, we recommend ordering from a photo. Thus, the client is guaranteed to receive exactly the product he is interested in.

Upon request, we can provide our customers with available catalogs of different types of dyed flowers from various farms.

If you have already decided on a farm that suits you in terms of the price-coloring quality ratio, based on a photo of one or another dyed flower that you liked (maybe also from the catalogs of other farms or from the Internet), we can contact the farm with a request to recreate it specifically for you.

Having a large base of farms-producers, we can always offer and select a number of alternative farms of similar quality in a price category suitable for the customer.

If you wish to try any type of dyed flowers, we will try to bring your most creative ideas to life, selecting the best farms for each type of flower.