Innovative dyed roses with a special velvet texture - Velvet collection 29-08-2023 / News

Dyed roses from Ecuadorian farms have already taken their strong place at the flower market. Over the past year, the number of farms offering this product has grown significantly. Now you won’t surprise anyone with just a dyed rose, so the growers are in constant competition and creative search for new non-standard solutions, combinations of colors, shades and textures.

This is how the innovative collection of dyed Velvet roses has recently appeared. This stunning rose has a mesmerizing velvety texture and a unique appearance. This is a new artistry of floral design, skillfully combining the soft and luxurious texture of velvet with a rich color palette.

At the moment, only a few Ecuadorian farms offer such products, among which we advise to pay attention to Mystic Flowers. The farm has rethought the concept of rose dying through the lens of contemporary floristry trends and techniques.

Within Velvet collection, the producer offers 14 varieties in lengths of 60/70/80 cm:

  • Velvet Golden Beryl
  • Velvet Bitter Lime
  • Velvet Blue
  • Velvet Blush
  • Velvet BurntHoney
  • Velvet ButterCup
  • Velvet Dark Cherry
  • Velvet Dark Oak
  • Velvet Dusty Grape
  • Velvet Flame
  • Velvet Galactic Blue
  • Velvet GoldenMustard
  • Velvet Mauve Rays
  • Velvet Sepia

To avoid damage, the farm packs these roses in bunches of 12 stems, in QB or HB boxes.

  • QB (Quattro Box) - 10 bunches x 12 stems = 120 stems
  • HB (Half Box) - 18 bunches x 12 stems = 216 stems.

It is necessary to place an order for such dyed roses in advance, approximately 2-3 days before the departure from the farm.

Hurry up and maybe you will be the first to introduce this novelty in your region!