Special series of natural and painted Minami carnations from the Ecuadorian farm Florequisa 07-08-2023 / News

We are pleased to present to your attention a range of carnation varieties from the Minami collection from the Ecuadorian company Florequisa. Exclusively produced by Florequisa farm, these varieties have already conquered the flower market.

The unique varieties of the Minami collection have a longer vase life and a significantly larger bud size than regular carnations.

At the moment, the farm offers eight varieties of the Minami series:

Positions are available for order both in mixed boxes and by varieties in select and fancy gradations

The carnation is packed in bunches of 10 stems.

    Possible packaging in boxes:
  • 300 stems / 1 QB (Quattro Box)
  • 500 stems / 1 HB (Half Box)
  • 700 stems / 1 HB Jumbo (Half Box Jumbo)

Florequisa farm also offers a wide variety of painted carnations based on the Minami collection:

According to the grower, the Minami carnation absorbs the dyes better during the dyeing process. Moreover, each variety takes on a different color. This produces particularly beautiful, authentic, often unpredictable combinations of colors and shades that will impress even the most sophisticated and demanding customers.

Minami carnations can be found daily on our online offers platform, or ordered in advance with our managers if you are interested in any specific items. Painted carnations must be ordered 2-3 days before the shipment from the farm.