Possible reasons to cancel the requested position on the Daoflowers Trading Platform 08-08-2018 / News

We buy flowers every day except Sunday and we are in a constant contact and dialogue with farms.
In addition to standard orders and preorders execution, there are quite large volumes of flower products from farms that we offer to our Customers at our «Online Purchase Service».
Among these offers you can find many positions – not only simple and regular, but also the short supplied positions (and often at a very good price).

The interface of the trading platform was thought out to the last detail as much as possible informative and discoverable, and in addition to the list of confirmed boxes, the possible reasons for event cancellation (if any) are also indicated.
The Information on positions rejection can be viewed in the “Request History” tab of Online Purchase.

The possible reasons for the requested position rejection are as follows:

  1. The box is already sold
    • Most likely another customer was ahead of you. Particularly as regards the “Special Offers” (marked with asterisk) and shortage positions. Both of them go like hot cakes.
    • Farms sell flowers not only at the Daoflowers site. The box may have been sold to another flower broker.
    • Selling hours on the Trading Platform 13:00 – 16:00 GMT (time zone +1). Once this period of time expires, farms deliver their trucks with flowers to the refrigerator warehouses of the transport agencies or to the airport. If a client tries to buy an additional position, when the main purchase time is over, he will receive a warning from our system with a subsequent offer to request a position during tomorrow’s trading session.

    In order to eliminate or minimize the reason “The box is already sold” - you need to be online on the Daoflowers site during the active selling hours with farms.
  2. The farm does not want to open DAE
    The plantation has no export documents for your country. In this case, the customer has the opportunity to contact the farm once a day. The attempt to buy flowers from such a farm will be considered as a request to open the export documents after all. Perhaps the farm will meet the customer’s needs in order to sell the boxes to this customer and the next day upon the customer request the flowers will be purchased without any problems.

  3. Low price
    Sometimes, precisely the price limit that does not correspond to the market situation or is much lower than the one originally indicated on the Daofllowers website may cause the reason for cancellation of the position.
    In order to keep track of the current market situation, we provide our customers with the statistical service “Open Market Prices Monitor” or we can send to the customer an e-mail with the information about the prices of the latest shipment as an example.

  4. TOP FARM, does not negotiate the price
    There are some farms that do not wish to negotiate prices for their products and regardless of the market situation, sell flowers at the prices specified in their price list only.

  5. Minimum volumes
    Some of the farms sell strictly specified volume of flowers per shipment. This volume will be displayed in the history of requests in case of cancellation for this reason. If you need to buy flowers in a smaller volume than the farm usually sells, you will be informed about the minimum order quantity that farm sells.

  6. Red varieties are being sold with mixes 50/50 only or with colors
    The reasons are mainly relevant during the shortage of flower products and during the holiday period.

  7. You need to purchase something additionally to get 0.5 FB (HB) - the farm does not pack long roses to Quattrobox (QB)
    Many plantations work with 0.25 FB (QB), but not all of them prefer to pack a long flowers (above 70 cm) into small boxes because of the risk of mechanical damage.
    In this case, the client has to choose another variety from the farm offer in addition in order to complete 0.5 FB (HB).

  8. There is no space on the airplanes
    We organize our logistics in the way that avoids such situations, but during the holiday period the number of places is usually limited.

    ***** The first 3 (three) reasons from the list above are the more common.

If you have any questions about the operation of the “Online Purchase” service, Daoflowers managers will always provide you with the detailed consultation.

Please comment on how the service could be improved via phone or e-mail.
We will try to respond to all of your questions.