Regular drawing of a free box among customers who placed an order through our system 18-06-2018 / News

Twice a week we raffle off free of cost boxes among our customers who place their orders through our system at

Free boxes raffle off is performed right after invoicing on Mondays and Thursdays.

The number of boxes ordered through our WEB interface, is positively associated with the chance of winning a free box.

If you have not seen the live webcast of the rally, this video can always be viewed in the history.

Authorized customers may see the labeling of the winner, as well as the number of boxes ordered by him through our website.

The average cost of the HB of this shipment is automatically returned to the balance of the winner of the rally by means of a credit note. This happens immediately after the end of the drawing of lottery.

The fact of the matter is that we pose a challenge to find as many as possible success developing customers and farms in order to optimize our business processes. Therefore, if you have faced with difficulties when placing a specific position (for example, a special mix) through the Module Orders, we will help you with this. You can place the main body of the order through our site, and then to add a complicated position in a "manual mode” via e-mail.

May we remind you that “Online Purchase” service is available on our site for the flowers purchase on free market daily Trading Platform.

Should you have any further questions or suggestions please contact Daoflowers managers.