How to receive a price list for the flower products offered by Daoflowers? 25-12-2010 / News

It is important to note, that we send for the customers’ guidance not the price lists, but the information about prices, effective at the destination points (in the most cases it is Amsterdam) during the last week and a few days ago. These are not the prices we forecast, these are the real prices for the flowers that we have purchased from farms for our customers’ orders.

In order to get the information about the current prices, please send a request by filling out the feedback form in the Section “Contacts” or just send a message to our e-mail address.

It is strongly recommended when sending a request please specify:

  • The Company name.
  • Business type (wholesale, retail, retail chain, floral shop, supermarket, floral retail chain, flower market).
  • Country, city where you sell the flowers.
  • Mobile phone number, business phone numbers.

The request about the price list can be denied if the info about the Customer incomplete, incorrect or not specified at all.